Eide hopes talks will resume end of April/early May

UNSG Special Advisor for Cyprus Espen Barth Eide is expected to return to Cyprus when he is able to announce the restart of the Cyprus negotiations, hopefully at the end of April or beginning of May.

Sources close to Eide, who left the island on Wednesday, said that Eide hoped that he could announce the resumption of the talks before the presidential elections begin in North Cyprus on 19th April.

It was also said that the most difficult issues would be discussed first, rather than being left to the end of the negotiations.

“There are serious and deep difficulties on the property issue and on state level issues. However, I have not found a single issue which cannot be resolved”, Eide said.

He also encouraged civil society and ordinary Cypriots on both sides to urge their respective leaders to work towards a settlement.

The future of Cyprus lies not only in the hands of the elected leaders but also in the hands of the people and it was up to them to encourage their leaders to live up to the promises they had made to deliver a solution to the Cyprus problem.

“The Cyprus problem is not the other side. The problem in Cyprus is the fact that Cyprus is not progressing as it should,” he said, adding that every day, the whole island was losing out on economic opportunities.

Source Cyprus Mail

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