Eide increasingly optimistic about negotiations

UN Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide said yesterday that with each day that passes, he feels increasingly optimistic about a solution to the Cyprus problem. The UN Special Envoys said that he saw progress being made daily on a broad range of topics.

Eide, who has been involved in lengthy morning meetings daily this week with the two negotiators Andreas Mavroyiannis and Ozdil Nami ahead of the leaders’ next meeting on Friday, said that the talks had moved into more substantive and constructive territory and that was why he had decided to attend the negotiators’ meetings  this week.

The negotiators have increased their three times weekly meetings to daily meetings to discuss the fundamental issues of property, territory and governance.

Commenting on what he described as a very constructive and intensive phase, he said, “.. for that reason I have decided to be here much more and also to be present in the negotiators’ meetings and not only at the leaders’ level because this is now in a very decisive phase of the history of the whole Cyprus issue. And I have been optimistic for quite a while as you know but I am getting more optimistic after each meeting including the one we had this morning.”

He added that, “The general view is positive and I hope it continues, not only for the good of the Cypriot people but for those of Greece and Turkey and the whole region.”

On Wednesday evening, as part of their agreement to meet between negotiations, Presidents Anastasiades and Akinci will take part in a debate organised by the chambers of commerce from both sides at Chateau Status in the Nicosia Green Line. Prior to that, they also intend to meet the island’s religious leaders.

Cyprus Mail

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