Eight Bodies of Refugees Found in Karpaz Region

A total of eight bodies have been found offshore Karpaz or washed up on the beaches over the weekend, in a toll which is expected to rise.

It is believed that they were part of a group of Syrian refugees who left Mersin and whose boat capsized. There is no official information about where they were headed and how many they were.

Some personal belonging were discovered on two of the bodies, including mobile phones, cash and two ID cards and passport.

President Mustafa Akinci stated that: “It pains us to see these poor, helpless people who left their homes and countries and lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea”.

The lifeless bodies reaching our shores remind us once more how much peace and stability is needed in our region. One of my greatest responsibilities, for our community… is to strive to bring peace and stability to our island and our region”, Akinci noted.


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