EL-SEN accuses KIB-TEK deputy Finance Officer

An EL-SEN press statement issued today, accuses the deputy Finance Officer of KIB-TEK Mehmet Ozcelik, of breaking the law related to electricity debts. It says that any violation of the law requires disciplinary action.

The statement claims that over the past few days a number of illegal activities have been noticed and that Mr Ozcelik has been linked to these.

For example, Caglayan Sports Club has unpaid electricity bills of TL 91 million. Because it would not pay these, even on an instalment basis, its electricity was disconnected. However, today it was discovered that due to pressure from Mr Ozcelik, the electricity had been reconnected.

EL-SEN feels that the law should be applied without favour and that the attempt to pervert the law is clearly a crime and his actions are unacceptable.

If those in authority can do such things, then they should be removed from authority. The KIB-TEK board and the Chief Prosecutor are responsible for implementing the law. Such incidents could lead to strikes if they are not corrected, the statement concluded.

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