EL-SEN Campaign Continues Today

Mr Caglayan Cesurer, head of the electricity workers union EL-SEN, yesterday listed the unpaid electricity debts of those government departments that had their electricity cut off. A full list was provided and the numbers below are excerpts:


Ports Office TL 210,000

Council Offices TL 15,000

Social Services TL 21,000


Land registry Office Tl 22,000

Around a dozen major institutions had their electricity cut off yesterday, including nearly 70% of the street lights in Nicosia. These will remain without electricity while EL-SEN awaits the Prime Minister’s response to their meeting with him yesterday.

Most of the heads of departments which had had their power cut off yesterday, said that it was unfair that they had been selected, though none denied the amounts owed in unpaid bills. By contrast, the Mayor of Kyrenia, Sumer Aygin, said that his council was ready to pay their bills and had already started making payments covering parks, facilities and water pumps.

Today EL-SEN are due to focus on hotels and other private companies.

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