EL-SEN challenges Finance Minister Tatar

Caglayan Cesurer, the leader of EL-SEN, issued a press statement earlier today saying that any attempt to privatise KIB-TEK will be countered by all legitimate means.

The responsibility for protecting KIB-TEK should belong to the board of directors, Economy Minister, Finance Minister and the government itself. However this function has been left to EL-SEN”.

Cesurer then went on to challenge the Finance Minister, Ersin Tatar. He said that Tatar lies and broadcasts incorrect information. He accuses others of treachery and claims that he is willing to argue the facts with anybody, anywhere. However when EL-SEN challenges Tatar to a live debate, he backs down.

Cesurer continues that the KIB-TEK issues and data have been distributed to leading specialists in the TRNC and their analysis and reports are available to the government and the people. These reports look at all the problems of KIB-TEK and even have suggested pay schedules for the council with unpaid electricity bills.

Electricity costs are higher because the government and other state organisations are not paying their bills on time. This has forced KIB-TEK to take out loans for funding and every month it is paying out over TL 4 million in interest charges.

Returning to Mr Tatar, Cesurer says that he has ignored the data provided by EL-SEN and has prepared the 2013 budget ignoring the backlog of government debt to KIB-TEK. This budget has been presented to the Council of Ministers and is currently going through parliament.

Mr Cesurer states that the Finance Ministry owes KIB-TEK TL 87 million in total. If the unpaid bills of BRT (TL 17 million) and those of the Religious Affairs Department (TL 6 million) and the total debt of the Ministry of Finance is TL 110 million.

How can Mr Tatar ignore these facts and instead attempt to pin high electricity charges on the increasing cost of fuel oil”? Cesurer asked.

“If he wants prices to go down, let him pay the debts and support KIB-TEK in its application to the EU to set up a one MW solar energy plant.

We say that if he thinks that he will get to privatisation of KIB-TEK by making announcements, he should have no doubt that EL-SEN will be there to provide the necessary answers”. Cesurer concluded.

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