EL-SEN cuts power to Metehan crossing

EL-SEN, the electricity workers union, is methodically continuing its campaign of cutting power supply to those institutions that don’t pay their electricity bills.

Today electricity was cut to the Metehan border crossing around noon.

Backup generators did not last long and once they failed there were problems. With no computers working, those wishing to cross the border could not be processed and had to wait for long periods.

Faulty generators were eventually repaired and people were let through.

The outstanding bill is for TL 29,546. There was a rapid response from the Ministry of Finance, which issued a statement saying that a cheque for the outstanding amount was ready and would be paid in full tomorrow. At that stage, electricity was restored.

Caglayan Cesurer, head of EL-SEN union, said that this sort of action was now the norm.

He also disclosed that recently the electricity to the cargo department of Ercan airport had been cut for a week, until payment was made.

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