El-Sen Ends Strike After Agreement Signed

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Saturday, 16 April 2022

Electrical workers’ union El-Sen has ended its strike action, announcing that their terms had been accepted, Yeniduzen reported.

El-Sen has been protesting about the lack of investment in state-owned Kib-Tek power supplier and have fought against privatising the institution.

The union issued the following statement:

Dear EL-SEN members, our action of not returning to work, which we started on April 12, 2022, ended with the acceptance of our attached proposals.

We would like to thank all honourable EL-SEN members who participated in our actions. We would like to thank the Syndicate Platform, Türk-Sen and other labour organisations that were partners with us in our struggle”.

EL-SEN Executive

Mustafa Yenigüç, Financial Secretary of EL-SEN

The protocol signed between EL-SEN and KIB-TEK management is as follows:

1 Selling under cost as required by all legal products of Kıb-Tek.

2 Except for the generators that are to be donated by the Republic of Turkey, our requirements for at least two generators, which were mentioned in the agreement signed between El-Sen and the Ministry of Economy and Energy on 6 September 2019, are to be purchased within a calendar framework by direct purchase method.

3 A time frame for Kib-Tek’s urgent need for meters, materials, personnel and other requirements.

4 Finding short-term payment method for Kib-Tek receivables deferred in long-term instalments, closing the debt balances, collecting public receivables on a schedule.

5 With the decision of the Council of Ministers, the loss consisting of discounted tariffs for the month of March 2022 is calculated by a committee that will be included in El-Sen and paid to Kib-Tek in two instalments, at the end of May and at the end of June at the latest.

6 Withdrawal of the lawsuits against the members of El-Sen, which have been made illegally, and the disciplinary prosecution of our members who participated in our actions.

Note: All the above-mentioned schedules will be planned between the El-Sen executive and the Kib-Tek Board of Directors by 22.04.2022 at the latest.



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