El-Sen Files Lawsuit Against Government

EL-SEN General Secretary - Ahmet Tuğcu
[EL-SEN General Secretary – Ahmet Tuğcu]
The Electricity Authority Employees Union (El-Sen) has filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Court requesting revocation of the amendment to the public procurement bill, Yeniduzen reports.

The amendment to the procurement bill means that the government can renew its contract with Turkish energy company AKSA without going to tender.

El-Sen General Secretary Ahmet Tuğcu, said that it appeared that the amendment was made for the benefit of real or legal persons and said, “We are making this application in order to protect the interests of the society“.

The amendment was passed by parliament with the votes of the UBP-YDP-DP coalition government.

El-Sen started taking action while the amendment to the  bill was being discussed in parliament.


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