EL-SEN Goes to war

Today the head of the electricity workers union EL-SEN, Caglayan Cesurer, has been busy issuing a number of press statements. The most recent was pointedly aimed at the government and makes a number of telling points.

Mr Cesurer says that Kib-Tek  has been under fire by the UBP government for not managing its finances in a proper fashion. Recently the Minister of the Economy and Energy, Sunat Atun has been stressing that Kib-Tek has a huge problem with the collection of unpaid bills, adding that the government would not take this problem over and that Kib-Tek should get its own house in order.

Accordingly, Mr Cesurer says that his union will follow the government’s advice and diligently chase the largest unpaid bills. Cesurer  pointed out that it is, in fact, the government that is the biggest non payer, including state owned BRT with TL19 million, the Department of Religious Affairs, most councils, and ministries also in debt.

Mr Cesurer ends by saying that EL-SEN will show the government its resolve in settling the non-payment problem by cutting off electricity supplies to the Ministry of Finance building starting 10.30 Monday morning.

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