Lights out for biggest non-payers

EL-SEN, the union representing electricity workers has been chasing those institutions which have not been paying their electricity bills. The head of the union, Mr Cesurer, says that ordinary members of the public will have to pay 30% more on their bills to cover the non-payments.

Yesterday, his union members were foiled from cutting off the electricity to the Ministry Of Finance. A heavy police presence outnumbered the number of union employees and prevented any access to the power room. Mr Cesurer said that they would return and ensure electricity was cut off in the next few days.

Meanwhile, EL-SEN members have been active, cutting off the largest non- payers.

Below is a list of those cut off today and many more will follow:


  • New Harbour
  • Ports Authority
  • District Governor
  • Department of Social Services
  • Department of Labour
  • July 20th Stadium
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Hilarion Roundabout
  • National Archives


  • Tax Office
  • Land registry
  • Post Office
  • Ports
  • Customs
  • Guzelyurt Indoor Sports hall
  • Department of water affairs


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