EL-SEN power cuts threaten water supplies

Caglayan Cesurer, leader of EL-SEN electrical workers’ union, has threatened to cut power to local councils if they do not pay their electricity bills.

This action will leave thousands of residents without water supplies if power to water pumps is cut off. People will be left to rely on deliveries of water by tankers.

The union has also threatened to cut off power to sewage pumps.

“We have even asked them [the councils] to come to an agreement over paying in instalments, but our calls have fallen on deaf ears,” said Cesurer. “Now we have no other alternative. It will mean water supplies being cut, but this is the fault of municipalities that haven’t abided by the law, which says electricity can be disconnected when the party concerned has not paid their bill.” He added that councils had been warned about this action, but had taken no steps to remedy the situation.

KIB-TEK is owed TL 30 million by the state and the Finance Minister, Ersin Tatar says that the government was dealing with the debt and looking at ways to solve the councils’ debt problems.


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