EL-SEN threatens indefinite strike

EL-SEN the electricity workers union has produced a press statement which threatens an indefinite strike.

A specific incident involving the Near East University yesterday (April 10th) has, apparently, provoked this reaction from EL-SEN.

EL-SEN says that not only is the NEU not paying their electricity bills but is threatening those who are legally carrying out their duties.

Yesterday, a team from KIBTEK entered the university grounds to cut off 5 departments because of non-payment of debts which now total TL 11 million 560 thousand.

Initially, electricity supply was cut off to three departments, The Innovation Centre, The College of Dentistry and the university head office,. At that stage, the KIBTEK team were surrounded by private security guards who prevented them cutting off the electricity to the library and Rector’s building.

The Deputy Head of the university, Adem Akol, then showed up and threatened that those ministers who had agreed to the action would be forced to resign.

EL-SEN’s statement concludes that no matter what, if the university’s bills remain unpaid, they will cut off electricity to all the university buildings. In addition any further threats by the university will be met by an indefinite strike.

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