Election Board Warns Against Attempts to Bribe Voters

Serious warnings from the higher election board have been issued regarding attempts to attract voters using illegal methods. Promising benefits, services or job offers for votes will incur a two years prison sentence, the board said.

Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’ reports on a SMS message recently sent by Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertugruloglu to Turkish settlers who lately have been granted citizenship, hoping that their new citizenship will benefit the country and their people.

In the same message Ertugruloglu recalled that he is number nine in the National Unity Party’s (UBP) list for North Nicosia during the forthcoming elections.

Additionally, Bulut Akacan, candidate for the National Unity Party (UBP) for Kyrenia district, has started distributing packages of coffee, on which he printed the message that “one coffee has memories for forty years” and that he is candidate number three for the UBP in Kyrenia.


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