Election Candidates Announced

The lists for candidates in the July 28th general elections have been closed and the names announced.

In summary Nicosia has 84 candidates, Famagusta 67, Kyrenia 51, Guzelyurt 35 and Iskele 25. The actual numbers of MPs to be elected are Nicosia 16, Famagusta 13, Kyrenia 10, Guzelyurt 6 and Iskele 5. That is 50 MP’s in total.

Election propaganda will formally start tomorrow and will continue until July 27th.

Opinon polls will also start tomorrow but must end on July 13th

The voters lists will be closed on July 8th and voter cards will be distributed by July 25th.

Interim Prime Minister, Dr Sibel Siber is shown in the list of CTP party candidates for Nicosia.

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