Election results – Opinion

There were a number of important trends in yesterday’s elections which are highlighted below.

The CTP had a strong showing and will be tasked to form the next government of the TRNC.
The party, headed by Ozkan Yorgancioglu will no doubt soon be in negotiations with Serdar Denktash of the DP party which doubled its share of the votes.

It should be noted that Mrs Sibel Siber the Prime Minister of the interim government easily won in her Nicosia constituency. She has been a CTP member for many years and will no doubt be rewarded with a powerful position in any new government. However this will not be as prime minister as the post has been earmarked for Mr Yorgancioglu.

This left-leaning coalition will then have to work with President Dervis Eroglu whose term in power continues until 2015. Both prime minister and president have powerful roles in the TRNC and it will be interesting to see how they work together.

The failed UBP government were heavily punished by the voters. Their share of the vote virtually halved and the party leader Irsen Kucuk has not made it as an MP. A number of ex-ministers have also failed to get into parliament this time.

Expect power struggles to start shortly as the new and old guard jostle for position.

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