Electricity Bills Increased by 15 Percent

Ahmet Tugcu - Head of El-Sen
[Ahmet Tugcu – President of El-Sen]
President of the Union of Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority Employees (El-Sen), Ahmet Tuğcu, in a written statement, said that following a recently calculated 30% increase in production costs, the Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority (KIB-TEK) has increased sales prices to bridge this gap, Kibris Postasi reports.

 He indicated that as of March 1, 15% of this increase would be reflected in the public’s bills, and the remaining 15% would be reflected in government bills.

Tuğcu said that all the warning and action taken in the past year by El-Sen have been validated as has been confirmed with these price hikes.

Tuğcu claimed that the Kalecik-III Agreement signed with AKSA in August 2023 is one of the main reasons for these increases. He asked, “What kind of logic is it to purchase energy from AKSA, which produces a kilowatt-hour at 9.97 dollars cents with the same model machines, at 14.7 dollars cents?” Meanwhile, the public was having to fund these excessive rises in costs.

Tuğcu said “In addition, as a result of not using the resources available to KIB-TEK correctly, taking out high-interest loans, and deliberately postponing economic production investments in Teknecik, the inclusion of diesel mobile power plants with high fuel consumption in the system is also among the other significant reasons for the high production costs we face today“.

He added, “The reason for the increase in electricity production costs is the flawed policies of the KIB-TEK administration. Making the public pay the price for this flaw is a great injustice. The institution should immediately retract this 15% increase that will be reflected in the public’s bills. What needs to be done is either to reflect the entire cost, that is, only 30%, on government bills or to consider this cost as a duty loss and have it covered directly by the Treasury“.

Kibris Postasi

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