Electricity non payers start settling up

EL-SEN, the electricity workers union has been on a campaign to cut off the largest non-payers. This action is now producing dividends as last week alone those cut off made payments of TL15 million to be reconnected. EL-SEN said that these were deposits and that repayment plans had been agreed.

The Savoy Hotel in Kyrenia for example, had unpaid electricity bills of TL 1.5 million and on being cut off, they promptly paid a deposit and agreed to a repayment plan. They have now been reconnected.

A similar story with Girne American University which owed TL1 million but paid an agreed deposit as EL-SEN workers arrived to cut them off.

However, it should be remembered that the total amounts owing to KIB-TEK are around TL600 million.

Yesterday EL-SEN were busy again, this time concentrating on hotels, private organisations and individuals. Their current objective is to focus on everybody who owes TL10 thousand or more.

Hotels cut off include Lapethos Hotel with debts of TL932,000, Club Asena debt of TL62,000, Celebrity Hotel debt of TL11,000, Chateau Lambusa debt of TL29,000, Kantara Restaurant debt of TL46,000 and Famagusta Sema Hotel with debt of TL 168,000.

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