Electricity prices to be reduced

Electricity prices will be reduced an announcement by the Council of Ministers said on Thursday. The cost of bottled gas is also going down.

According to Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu, the reduction will be by 36%. He added that the Electricity Authorities should make investments, improve power lines and repay their debts. The size of the reduction, he said, was made to reflect these factors.

At the adjusted prices, electricity up to 250KW would cost 44 kurus per kWh; 250-550KW would now be 48 kurus (down from 55) and 501-750KW 52 kurus.

The Council also announced that the cost of gas bottles would be reduced by 4 TL bringing the price down to 33TL from 37TL.

Source Kibris Postasi

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