Electronic Wristband For Home Quarantine Operating

North Cyprus News - fitting electronic wristbandPreparations for home quarantine for those coming from abroad are complete. The Ministry of Public Works and Transport has published a three-point NOTAM on the conditions for  those who come to North Cyprus. The process will begin at Ercan Airport.

Electronic wristbands will be given out at the airport to those eligible for home quarantine. However, the ‘Stay Safe’ app only works on Smartphones.

Notam for Turkish Airports

As of April 12, 2021, the following application will be made for passengers regarding the planes coming to Ercan Airport.

Passengers arriving with the special permission of the Ministry of Health will be able to spend their quarantine periods at home or at locations to be approved by the authorities, provided that they use electronic wristbands within the framework of the rules determined by the authorities.

  1. The electronic wristband will be used with the mobile application and cannot be used without a smartphone. Passengers are required to download the Stay safe application from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and enter the requested documents and information into the mobile application and show the QR code to the attendant on the phone.

III. For detailed information about the process, you can visit www.kktckarantina.com

A visit to the site will show that a total of 750TL will be payable for a deposit for the wristband, PCR test and service fee.

Application Now Operational

The Ministry of Health announced that the ‘Stay Safe’ electronic wristband application was launched at Ercan Airport this morning. 


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