Emergency Medics Falling Sick With Covid-19

North Cyprus News - Pandemic Hospital - Nicosia
[Pandemic Hospital – Nicosia]
Friday, 15 July 2022

KTAMS, the public servants union has said that Emergency Service staff at Nicosia State Hospital are concerned that about the mingling of patients with Covid-19 and other patients with different medical complaints while there is an outbreak of a highly infection subvariant of the coronavirus, Yeniduzen reported.

Following  a dip in Covid-19 cases, the new Pandemic hospital was repurposed and now has a urology and ophthalmic services department.

Despite the doctors’ warnings that the new variant is even more contagious, the situation at the state hospital has become even more difficult as staff try to treat patients both with Covid-19 and those with other medical complaints.

KTAMS has said  that an average of four healthcare workers a day have become infected with Covid-19.

Former Minister of Health and member of the CTP, Filiz Besim stated that the daily number of patients who applied to the emergency room had reached 520, and that the  situation at the hospital was becoming chaotic.

Yeniduzen, which sent reporters to the hospital to ask for official data from the management, was told to ask the Ministry of Health.

The newspaper stated that the staff had remained silent about current conditions at the hospital, ascribing it to “Ministry-based pressure”.

Meanwhile, Minister of Health, Izlem Gürçağ Altuğra, said that there was no alarming increase in the cases, and that there was no problem in the management of the pandemic.


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