EMU signs cooperation protocol with Yale and Marmara Universities

A cooperation protocol was signed between Yale University, Marmara University and the Near East University.

The signatories to the protocol were Dr Kaya Bilguvar, a member of Yale University’s Genome Centre, Dr Can Erzik, member of the Medical Biology Department at Marmara University and Dr Nedime Serakinci, head of the Genetic and Cancer Research Centre at Near East University.

The protocol covers mutual exchange of information and academic publishing programmes.

Head of the Cancer Diagnosis-Research Centre of Near East University Prof. Dr. Nedime Serakinci said that their aim in conducting a joint project, was to identify diseases which have not been previously diagnosed in the TRNC. In this regard, she said that through their project, they aimed to identify certain genetic syndromes and diseases by studying variants in the TRNC gene pool and therefore evaluating risks for future generations.

The first and only genetic database of the TRNC, masterminded by Dr. Serakinci, was established in 2014 by Near East University.

Gunes, neu.edu.tr

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