Endless negotiations benefit no one: Akinci

President Mustafa Akıncı gave a conference at the Yeditepe University in İstanbul yesterday.

During the conference entitled “Cyprus from past to today” Akıncı touched on what had been experienced in the negotiations.

He said the failure of the talks resulted from Greek Cypriots unwillingness to share the administrative power with Turkish Cypriots as political equals.

Akıncı also added that the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey had shown flexibility in Crans-Montana however said that the Greek Cypriot side did not show the same flexibility.

Referring to the UN Secretary General’s latest report on Cyprus, the President said the UN Chief by saying “the two sides could not show the necessary political will to cover the last km”, had shown an approach which laid a burden on both sides.

This is not acceptable”, Akıncı said and added that the UN Chief acted by taking the future into consideration.

He however stressed that it was not acceptable to unjustly lay a burden on the Turkish Cypriot side.

Touching upon the upcoming elections in South Cyprus, Akıncı said there was a need for change of mentality on the Greek Cypriot side.

The open-ended negotiations process has completely ended. We did not give up negotiations and the search for a solution. We did not cast away the UN parameters. We would not make such a mistake. However, we will also not make the mistake of continuing the aimless negotiations process for another 50 years”, he said.

Stressing that it was important to further strengthen the economy and democracy in the TRNC and the continuation of Turkey’s existing support, Akıncı said “it is important to continue the fight for the removal of the unjust and baseless isolations. It is also important to maintain our vision for a solution.”

Reminding that water was brought to the TRNC from Turkey, he said “this technology has proved itself. It can be developed further and water could be shared with the South. There is serious potential for cooperation on energy resources, electricity and water.”

Stating that an agreement which did not include equality, freedom and security was not acceptable for the Turkish Cypriot side, Akıncı said “therefore, if they are ready to cooperate for such a reasonable agreement, we will be ready to evaluate this. We can then establish a single routed federative structure with two founding states and make everyone happy. If we cannot then instead of a single roof this will be two different roofs side by side. There is no other way.

As long as there is a conflict somewhere the search for peace continues. There is no other way. You don’t put a dot in diplomacy. However, this effort should have an aim and should be result oriented. It benefits no one to continue forever”, Akıncı concluded.


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