Energy Cooperation Will Bring Peace and Stability: Akinci

The energy resources in the eastern Mediterranean should be jointly used just as in the case of the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline project (TANAP), President Mustafa Akinci has said. Otherwise tensions in the eastern Mediterranean could escalate, he warned.

The President was addressing the TANAP inauguration ceremony in Eskişehir, in northwest Turkey on Wednesday. He said that the reasonable thing to do is to use energy resources in a way which secures peace and cooperation. “This is the way in which all sides will benefit”, he said.

Akinci also reiterated the fact that the shortest and cheapest route, which could be completed more rapidly than any other option, is to transfer these energy resources to Europe through Turkey. This would create a network of cooperation and contribute to peace and stability, in parallel with the economic benefits, which it will bring.

Our greatest wish is for everybody to be inspired by the spirit of economic cooperation and political perspective brought to the surface by TANAP”, the President said.

Star Kibris

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