Energy Minister Revokes Decision to Resign

North Cyprus News - Minister of Finance - Olgun Amcaoglu
[Minister of Economy and Energy – Olgun Amcaoğlu]
Saturday, 14 May 2022 

UBP Deputy for Nicosia Olgun Amcaoğlu, issued a statement yesterday evening saying that he was resigning only to do an about face and say  “I am on duty in line with the wishes of the Prime Minister“, Yeniduzen reported. 

Amcaoğlu, who had been appointed as Minister of Economy and Energy, gave no detailed reason for his wish to resign. However, he had been critical of the extra duty added onto Kib-Tek subscribers’ bills, saying that it was poor management that had led to Kib-Tek’s financial problems. He added that the extra duty on the bill was illegal. The tax was hastily revoked by the Council of Ministers.

In a second statement announcing that he had changed his mind about resigning he said:  “After a problem within the party that was reflected to the public, we came together with my esteemed Prime Minister. It will be right for us to work together to succeed together, to save our country from the trouble it is in at the earliest possible time; We decided together that we had already struggled with enough problems and that we should not have any more problems”.


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