Energy Minister says renewable energy sources underused

Minister for Environment and Natural Resources Hakan Dincyurek has said that switching to renewable energy sources has become inevitable in view of the fact that fossil fuels are slowly running out.

Addressing the Intercontinental Wind Power Congress organised by the Turkish Wind Energy Association and the European Wind Energy Association in Istanbul, Dincyurek pointed to the lack of variety in energy sources in the TRNC. He spoke about the measures taken to curb emissions emitted from the two diesel powered electricity plants currently operating in North Cyprus.

He also pointed out that a series of steps are needed to be taken to bring the TRNC up to required levels in the field of renewable energy. “The current infrastructure does not allow us to produce the energy we want through wind or solar power. We need to develop our infrastructure first, we need to bring power to the island from Turkey via a cable”, he added.

Dincyurek explained that although there are incentives for investments in renewable energy in the TRNC, only a handful of individuals have invested in renewable energy technologies mainly for personal use. “Wind energy will never run out as long as there is life on this planet. It is possible to combine the TRNC’s vast potential for solar energy and wind energy to introduce more environmental friendly and efficient systems of producing energy on the island”, he said.

Kibris Gazetesi

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