ENI Likely to Move Drillship out of Bloc 3

ENI’s CEO Claudio Descalzi has said it was “very likely” the drillship contracted by his company would have to  move out of bloc 3 offshore Cyprus to a new location, possibly Morocco, in the coming days.

North Cyprus News - Saipem 12000Turkey renewed its NAVTEX warning mariners that it would be holding naval exercises offshore south Cyprus. It also reiterated that, in the absence a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem, it would not allow the Greek Cypriots to ‘unilaterally’ exploit oil and gas resources around the island.

Speaking from Milan, Descalzi said, “… we’ll come back, waiting for international, European, Turkish, Greek and Cypriot diplomacy to find a solution”.

We’re used to having potential disputes … we did not pull out of Libya or other countries where there were complicated situations,” Descalzi noted.

ENI’s CEO made these comments after a two week standoff in bloc 3 of Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) after Turkish warships, ostensibly participating in naval wargames, block ENI’s drilling rig while en route to drill an exploratory gas well.

Cyprus Mail

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