Environmental Protection Agency fines 89 people

The North Cyprus Environmental Protection Agency reports that 89 people that have broken environmental laws and have been fined.

In order to promote awareness of the environment and to point out the penalties of breaking the law, the EPA has made public the fines it has recently imposed.

Unal Ustel, the Minister for Tourism and the Environment says that the Environmental Protection laws have been in place for a year now. They have been using this law to apply fines to rubbish tippers and other polluters of the TRNC.

He pointed out that concerned individuals can call ‘Allo 123’ and that many had already done so. There are now many road signs in place, pointing out that rubbish tipping is illegal and incurs a TL 354 fine.

Mr Ustel said that the TRNC is a tourist destination and that tourists were distressed to see so much rubbish. He added that we should all care for our environment.

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