Environmental regulations inadequate: Siber

Leader of the Assembly Dr. Sibel Siber, has said that environmental damage in the TRNC is poorly monitored, legal statutes are out of date and existing penalties offer little deterrence to lawbreakers.

Siber said that everyone must consider the legacy of this beautiful island being transferred to future generations.

Emphasising that it is very important for the individual to have environmental education and awareness in the fight against environmental problems, but also that very important duties and responsibilities fall on the State, Siber pointed out that the biggest problem they found was the inadequacy and lack of supervision of existing environmental protective legislation.

She pointed out that the two biggest environmental issues on the public agenda in recent days are noise pollution and sea pollution. Siber added that the Parliamentary Environmental Committee had convened to investigate the issue of noise pollution in particular.

Siber noted that the regulations of the Environment Law passed in 2012 are not yet completed, and did not cover the problem of noise pollution. According to the information given by the Environment Agency officials, the regulations of the law passed in 2012 can not be completed and it is stated that there are many deficiencies in the existing regulations.

The problem is that there is not enough personnel to prepare statutes, thus causing delays. Outside agencies should be brought in to tackle this issue, she said.

In addition to these problems, the current penalties are insufficient to deter lawbreakers. Business that have been fined have failed to pay their penalties, Siber said.

The Leader of the Assembly also pointed to the lack of town planning in the North. If permission was being given to establish places of entertainment, then there is a need for sufficient regulation and adequate enforcement, she said.

Kibris Postasi

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