Equality For Women Will Contribute to a Better World

In order to find a solution to the problems of women in our country, it is also important for civil society to produce solutions within institutional structures, said former Speaker of the TRNC Assembly Dr.Sibel Siber.

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Dr Sibel Siber

Her message for 8 March International Women’s Day was that all women, in all spheres of life would contribute to improving the world by having equality and freedom based on the principles of rights and justice.

Dr. Siber said that it was essential to have more women taking part in the decision-making processs in state and other high-level institutions.

It is also important for civil society to produce solutions in this regard, she said. In cooperation with civil society, it is possible to overcome the many problems that our women face. Education will raise awareness in society as will collaboration with international institutions.

Dr. Siber said that with each positive step, an obstacle will be overcome and a better quality of life will be achieved. Today, in addition to the traumas of wars and migration problems, violence against women continues to be the shame of this century.

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, I wish once again, for a world filled with peace and tranquillity, where all the problems and obstacles that bring down the quality of life in our country and the world will be lifted”, she said.

Kibris News Agency

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