Ercan airport contractor to sue TRNC government

19 February, 2015

Emrullah Turanli, chairman of the administrative council of Tasyapi Insaat Taahhut Industry Company, has filed a lawsuit against the TRNC, for failing to hand over the land to his company for the past two years.

Tasyapi has been granted the right to operate Ercan airport and will make an investment of 300 million euro in the airport

In statements to Havadis, Turnali said that those who are responsible for this delay will pay the price for his money staying deposited in the bank, the loss of his profits and the increase in costs. He noted that what they want is to make this investment and called on the government to hand over the land as soon as possible.

Referring to a statement made by Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktas that 20 thousand trees will be uprooted to make way for the new runway, Turanli said: “It has been known for 40 years that this airport was not enough and it would have to be enlarged. In spite of knowing this, you have planted trees in the area where a runway would be built. Now you come and try to force the investor to pay the price”.

Turnali argued that according to the aviation rules, the distance between two runways and between a runway and trees should be 150 meters. He claimed that the aviation rules were not taken into consideration when Ercan airport was built.

Source Havadis

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