Ercan airport extension should be open by second half of 2018

Ministry of Public Works and Transport Minister Kemal Durust, paid a visit to view construction of the new terminal building at Ercan airport.

Renovation and extension work is expected to be completed by the second half of 2018, he said.

Ercan will be the window to the world, Durust said. Noting that the existing runway will be extended and a second runway will be built.

Asked about strikes affecting progress, he noted that there had been no strikes at Ercan for a long time and new regulations had been put in place to prevent them.

There are still two minor problems related to the government’s budget but they will be resolved. He added the necessary inspections were made every two weeks to ensure that there were no illegal workers on the site.

Referring to a question about bringing workers, craftsmen and equipment from Turkey, he said that the Minister of Construction and Civil Affairs and the Council of Ministers could give the necessary permits to bring experienced workers and equipment into the country, in the event of a lack of qualified personnel or equipment.

These moves were intended to avoid delay to complete the project which would bring social and economic benefits to the TRNC, said Durust.


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