Ercan-Akincilar road opens today

The newly constructed Ercan-Akıncılar road is to be inaugurated today.

The first and only tunnel project in the TRNC, the road will allow direct access to the village of Akıncılar.

In a written statement issued yesterday, the Minister of Public Works and Communications Kemal Dürüst invited the public to take part in the inauguration ceremony.

A 43 year old yearning is finally coming to an end. The Akıncılar road project which we believe is an important step in the TRNC’s development and the way forward has been completed,” he said.

Reminding that the foundations for the road project had been laid only 5 months ago, Dürüst said that the fact that the road was the TRNC’s first tunnel project was in itself a source of pride and excitement.

The road will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün at 5:30pm today.


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