Ercan crisis defused

A crisis has just been averted by the government following the threat by three airlines, Pegasus, AtlasJet and Onur Air to cancel all flights to Ercan from 21st May, if no action was taken regarding passenger charges.

Transport Minister, Ersan Saner met with representatives of the three airlines and told them that the 5TL charge per passenger would be cancelled as soon as a new law could be passed.

Previously, the 5 TL charge per head had been allocated to Degirmenlik council and was in fact, their largest source of income.

Mr Saner announced that all flights would continue as usual after 21st May and that the amending law was currently being passed through parliament.

He denied claims that Ercan airport was more expensive than other airports and added that it had not raised its charges for many years until recently.

He also disclosed that nowhere else in the world were passenger levies passed on to the local council. This levy had been initiated by the Democratic party when they were in power, because the council was run by a Democratic party member.

“We cannot carry on like this,” he concluded.

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