Ercan Flight Costs to increase

Since the privatisation of Ercan, the company which won the tender has been raising the fees for companies that provide services at the airport.

Now the Government has added a price hike to the exit tax charged to leaving passengers. The Council of Ministers has agreed that this will go up by around 125% and this decision has been published in its Official Gazette of February 12th.

The Director of Pegasus for the TRNC, Zeki Ziya said that both the increase in the cost of services at Ercan as well as this new tax increase will have to be borne by passengers. An application with Pegasus in Turkey to increase ticket prices to cover the higher airport charges, has already been filed he added.

One section of the population that will be hard hit by these price increases will be university students. A large proportion of them come from Turkey and their exit taxes will go up from TL 14 to TL 42 per trip. They do not have the option that others have of using Larnaca airport for their flights.

This latest event does not seem to combine well with the government’s policy of making the TRNC a ‘university island’.

However, army personnel will be offered discounts.

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