Erdogan blames UN for Syrian tragedy

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has stepped up his rhetoric against the United Nations, accusing it of strengthening the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria.

“The U.N.’s incapacity, far from stopping the deaths, has given strength to the [Syrian] regime and recompensed it for its massacre. As the whole world has shut its eyes to the ongoing human tragedy in Syria, unfortunately the U.N. has kept silent and watched this tragedy,” Erdogan was quoted as saying during an event in Istanbul.

“The fact that the U.N. showed its incapacity after the use of chemical weapons [in Syria] without taking any steps has left a black stain on the history of humanity,” Erdogan added.

Mr Erdogan, however, made no comment on U.S. President Barack Obama’s decision on Aug. 31 to to ask Congress to vote for a limited military action against Syria.

The prime minister said the chemical attack on Aug. 21, which could be pivotal, was among many reasons to intervene, emphasising that more than 100,000 people had died, so far. “Hasn’t 100,000 deaths any importance for us? […] The U.N. has made us question its own existence during the whole conflict,” he said.

Erdogan also gave his full support to a campaign named “the world is bigger than five,” launched against the U.N. Security Council system where five permanent members – the United States, Russia, Britain, China and France – have veto powers for any decision.

“Imprisoning the U.N. to what the five permanent members are going to say is anti-democratic. A decision taken under the conditions of the Second World War does not have to remain as such. Youth have started a campaign named the world is bigger than five. I support it,” he said.

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