Erdogan may run for PM post in 2015

It has been reported that Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan could change the government’s bye-laws to enable him to stand once more for Prime Minister in the elections. Prior to events last December which saw major upheaval in the AK party, Erdogan was rumoured to be standing as a presidential candidate in next year’s national elections.

In the past, the PM has been against changing the rules, however, since the corruption scandal broke last December, there are fears that the ruling AK party could lose a substantial amount of votes in the upcoming local elections.

Speaking to ‘Al Jazeera’ on Sunday, Erdogan said that he was currently focused on the local elections which will be held on 30th March. If, however, his party’s administration saw the need to change the bye-law which limits its deputies to three consecutive terms in office, it would have to consider this option.

Media allied to the government have alleged that the continuing corruption investigation had been fomented in order to see PM Erdogan removed from office.

The AK Party, gained 50% of the national vote in the 2011 general elections and it is rumoured that if it receives only 40% in the local elections in March, Erdogan, who is expected to run for the presidency in next year’s presidential elections, may alter his plans and re-nominate the current President Abdullah Gul.

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