Erdogan wants more power for Turkish Presidency

The great majority of Turkish citizens responding to to a recent survey, have said Turkey should not change its parliamentary system of government over to a presidential system in a new constitution, which is currently being drafted.

“Erdogan’s wish for a ‘Turkish-style presidential system’ was fully revealed in his proposals to his party’s Constitutional Reconciliation Commission that is tasked with drafting the new constitution. As president, Erdogan wants the power to abolish parliament when he wants to and rule the country with decrees bypassing the legislature. Independent constitutional experts agree that Erdogan wants a presidential system that will revoke the separation of powers and not be accountable to the legislature. Erdogan’s proposals for the presidential system only bolster anxiety that he wants to rule Turkey as he wishes, without sharing power with anyone or any institution.”*

Nevertheless, according to a social and political trends survey conducted between 26th December 2012 and 16th January 2013,  65.8 percent of respondents said they favour keeping the parliamentary system in Turkey in the new constitution.

There is much debate about the fact that Erdogan hopes to become Turkey’s first president under a new presidential system in the 2014 elections. He is unable to stand for re-election as prime minister because according to the AK Party’s own ruling, he may not do so more than three consecutive times.

In the meanwhile, concerns are mounting that the Turkish regime under Erdogan and AKP rule is fast becoming authoritarian and distancing itself from the EU’s perspectives.


*ALMONITER 17/12/12


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