Erdogan Warns South Cyprus

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned the Greek Cypriot side for its insistence on holding drilling activities in bloc 6 which falls in its so called Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Turkish President Erdoğan’s remarks came during the ruling Justice and Development Party’s parliamentary group in Ankara yesterday.

North Cyprus News - Saipem 12000Referring to the recent natural gas exploration activities of Greek Cypriots as “opportunist attempts” in the Aegean Sea, Erdoğan said “those who crossed their limits in Cyprus and the Aegean Sea should not make any miscalculation while taking advantage of the concentration of the incident in the southern borders of our country.”

He also warned that Turkey would break such miscalculations around Cyprus and the Aegean Sea as it did along the country’s southern borders.

We suggest the foreign companies conducting activities around Cyprus not to be an instrument to any works which exceed their limits and powers by trusting the Greek Cypriot side,” Erdoğan added.

Their swagger will end when they see our army, warships, warplanes,” President Erdoğan said.

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