Erdogan’s food to be tested for poison 24/7

All food and drink to be consumed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is to be tested by a team of five medical and scientific specialists to prevent any poisoning attempts.

“Assassinations of prominent figures are not conducted using bullets anymore, but food is widely used for this purpose,” Erdogan’s private doctor, Cevdet Erdol said.

“Everything he eats, everything he drinks, is analysed for radiation, chemical materials, heavy metals and bacteria,” the doctor explained.

The medical team will be work 24 hours a day in the presidential palace, and the food samples are being analysed in a number of laboratories in Ankara and Istanbul, said Erdol, who noted that no suspicious materials had been found in the food samples so far.

“All world leaders take serious security measures against assassination attempts, but I believe we are more advanced on the issue compared to others,” he concluded.

The eighth president of Turkey, Turgut Ozal, died in his office in 1993 of a heart attack, which his family and a large number of the Turkish community attribute his death to poisoning.

Autopsy results of Ozal’s body, after it was exhumed in 2012, confirmed the presence of a toxin but it was not clear if that was the cause of death.

Source Hurriyet

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