Erhürman Continues Task Of Forming Coalition Government

North Cyprus News - Tufan Erhurman - Leader of CTP
(Leader of CTP – Tufan Erhürman)

Leader of the Republican Turkish Party(CTP) Tufan Erhürman, has completed his first round of visits to the political parties. Erhürman was asked by President Ersin Tatar to form a coalition government, after his own party leader Ersan Saner was refused coalition talks by their former partners HP and the CTP refused to join the government. 

On Wednesday, Erhürman and his delegation met with Democrat Party and Rebirth Party officials.

He said, “All political parties have come to an agreement on the principles we have presented so far, we encountered a positive atmosphere in the first round“.

Erhürman said that everyone had agreed to the idea of a broad-based coalition government which will go to an early election in September, 2021.

 “We shared our idea of ​​early elections in September 2021. We chose September as there will be budget work in October

We saw that we were of the same opinion… We also shared the principles about what must be done within a year. We had no differences of opinion there. It was a positive meeting. We have a consensus that we can work together,” he said.

North Cyprus News - Fikri-Ataoglu
Fikri Ataoğlu – DP Leader

Leader of the Democrat Party (DP) Fikri Ataoğlu also touched on the country’s economic crisis and the difficulties caused by the inability to create a budget.

Ataoğlu said, “The principles put forward are actions for the good of the country. As DP, we said that we are ready to take on responsibility as these principles will be useful in the upcoming period. I hope that all political parties will be instrumental in a formation that will meet the expectations of our people by accepting responsibility.

The CTP delegation made its last visit to the Rebirth Party (YDP).

Following the visit, leader of the YDP Erhan Arıklı said that a discussion can only be made on one item regarding the basic principles, but that other principles can be agreed upon.

He said,  “The YDP wants the establishment of the most broad-based government that can be established. But if not, a minority that will emerge will support its government from outside. We give full support to Erhürman”.

Erhürman said, “We have closed the first round. All our parties signaled that they could compromise on the principles we put forward. It reveals the necessity of all these to be implemented in some way, whether we are in power or in opposition. Everyone agrees on the early selection point. As a result of the first round [of meetings] , the understanding of working together for an early election government emerged ”.


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