Erhurman Discusses Weak Lira With Akinci

Prime Minister Tufan Erhurman, after his weekly regular meeting with President Mustafa Akinci, said that “the government does not intend to remain silent on the devaluation of the Turkish lira and on the loss of its purchasing power”. He added that it is very likely that short-term measures will be implemented any day now.

Speaking to the press, Erhurman said that one of the first issues that he discussed with Akinci was the acceleration of the tender process for the opening of the crossing points of Derinya and Aplic.

He explained that at the moment there are the elections ban but the issue can be considered as exceptional and be discussed in this context. Erhurman further said that he agreed with President Akinci that the opening of the border crossing points should not be delayed by the Turkish Cypriot side and will take the necessary initiatives.

The prime minister also said that the developments in the economy and the devaluation of the lira were the other topics that they discussed. He reminded that currently, intensive work is being carried out on this issue at the prime ministry. He further said that their contacts with Turkey are continuing, adding that some want to perceive this “as the state’s decision to adopt the euro and they are talking about this with Turkey”, but he stressed that this is not the case.

Erhurman argued that due to the devaluation of the lira, unpredictable deficits have arisen in the TRNC budget and Turkey is the only place where they can discuss how they can close this gap.


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