Erhurman Slams Varosha Meeting

North Cyprus News - Erhurman
Tufan Erhurman – CTP Leader

It is necessary to take steps [regarding Varosha/Maras] that take the country closer to international law, not lead away from it, the head of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Tufan Erhurman has said.

Commenting on developments following the round table meeting held in Maras on Saturday, Erhurman said that it was not right to hold such a meeting just before the forthcoming presidential elections. That kind of meeting should be led by scientists and in particular, universities, he said.

Pointing out that President Akinci had been excluded from the meeting as had many MPs, Erhurman, who is a presidential candidate, said that the issue was directly related to the field of competence and duties of the president of the democracy. He noted that there were serious problems with the way Saturday’s meeting had been organised, adding that politicians from all over the state should have been invited.

In addition, referring to the matter, Foreign Affairs Secretary, Fikri Toros (CTP), noted that Varosha can only be opened under the administration of the United Nations and returned to its rightful owners. Noting that the European Court of Human Rights has ruled who are the rightful owners of the city, Toros argued that the current political approach is doomed forever, to use the word “closed” for Varosha. The town has “has particular significance in the negotiations for a comprehensive federal solution conducted in line with UN parameters”, he noted.

Toros also recalled that Security Council Resolutions 550 and 789 indicate under what conditions Varosha could be reopened.

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