Erhürman Unable To Form Four-Party Coalition

North Cyprus News - Erhurman - TatarChairman of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Tufan Erhürman ,has been unable to form a four-party coalition government and has handed back the task to President Ersin Tatar. 

Following the original attempt by UBP deputy chairman Ersan Saner to form a coalition, which ended in failure, President Tatar asked Tufan Erhürman to take over the task. He then met with the CTP-HP-DP-TDP but in the end, he said that there was not sufficient trust between the parties to form an effective coalition. 

President Tatar received Erhürman at 17:15 this evening, who handed back the task, reminding that he took on the task last Saturday. 

He stated that the idea of a technocrat government, which included six parties, was tried first, but after it was clear that it was clear that no progress could be made with this formula, the idea of a four-party coalition government emerged.

Noting that they had held meetings attended by the the leaders of the parties, Erhürman stated that they were looking for a formula including technocrats for the four-party coalition.

Stating that they follow the principles, Erhürman underlined that they are also trying to establish an atmosphere of complete trust.

He explained that they did not get the impression that this four-way coalition model could provide the desired stability and trust with the experiences of the process. “There was no confidence that four parties could carry out this process together“, Erhürman said.


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