Eroglu accuses Anastasiades of lying

President Dervis Eroglu has said that during the press conference recently organised for the Turkish Cypriot media at the South’s Presidential Palace, President Anastasiades had continued with “his lies”.

In statements made during his pre-election campaign, Eroglu argued that President Anastasiades said that “the Turkish Cypriot side submitted no proposal to us regarding natural gas”. Eroglu stated that the proposals which the Turkish Cypriot side submitted in 2011 and 2012 to the UN and former President Christofias on this issue still stand.

Eroglu argued that it is out of the question for the Turkish Cypriots to re-unite under the umbrella of the Republic of Cyprus, which has, he said, been turned into a Greek Cypriot state. He reiterated the Turkish view that a new partnership will be established in Cyprus.

He said that the important thing for them is to “register the existing situation in the world” and added:

“They say that no one recognises the TRNC. Every country in the world knows that there is a state called TRNC. It may be unrecognised, but it exists. I am sitting at the table as leader of the TRNC. What we do not have is recognition.

 Everything which a state should have exists. We have land, we have people, we have democratic institutions and we have an army. That is to say that they know that we are a state, but they do not recognise us. Because the negotiations have been continuing until recently, we did not go all out for recognition. However, if the negotiations enter into a deadlock with these caprices of the Greek Cypriots, we will sit and evaluate the situation with you and the motherland.

 We will choose our own way. The TRNC is what strengthens me at the negotiations. If I did not have a state, I would ask for minority rights from the Greek Cypriots. Now I am telling you that I am part of an equal state. I am referring to two founding states of equal status. We are referring to one of the UN parameters, a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation which will be formed by two founding states of equal status based on political equality.

What is Anastasiades referring to? To the Republic of Cyprus. That is to say, he says that we will reunite under the Republic of Cyprus. This will not happen. A new partnership state will be established”, Eroglu concluded.

Source Gunes

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