Eroglu active in peace talks

TRNC President Dervis Eroglu returns back to North Cyprus this evening. He was attending the opening of the International Book Fair in Istanbul where he also had a meeting with the Istanbul Bar Association.

He made a speech there, outlining the fact that he was entering the latest phase of the Cyprus negotiations in good faith and in the hope that there would finally be a resolution. He wanted the other parties to the talks to be aware of his good intent. However if there was not a successful outcome, then the world should be aware that he would be making radical decisions. He said that South Cyprus was relying on its international recognition to take a strong stance in the talks but that this would not help in reaching an agreement.

He went on to say that the number of countries around the world who were getting a better picture of the problem was slowly increasing and hoped that this would lead them to pressure Greek Cypriots to reach a decision.

In direct contrast, ex President Talat appeared on television last night saying that he believes that President Eroglu has made many mistakes in the negotiations and that these have contributed to the stalling of progress in the resolution.

He continued that the country currently had no leadership or government and that he believed there would be early elections in 2013. He said that the population was not listening to its government and this was shown by actual and potential strikes by municipal workers and electricity workers. He also said that the government should not use the constitution to try to force council workers back to work when they were not being paid.

Mr Talat was asked a number of times if he would be a contender in the upcoming Presidential elections but refused to be drawn on the matter.

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