Eroglu agrees to submit core proposals for next presidential meeting

Turkish Cypriot President Dervis Eroglu has agreed to submit proposals on all aspects of all core issues of the Cyprus problem during yesterday’s meeting he had with President Nicos Anastasiades, ‘Cyprus Mail’ reports.

Sources said that during the meeting Anastasiades submitted a document with 14 proposals on confidence building measures (CBMs).

Eroglu outlined a number of proposals on CBMs and said he would be submitting a written document later on in the day. Elsewhere it was reported by the Greek press that potential CBMs could be the opening of Paphos gate border crossing and allowing the creation of cross-border telephone communications.

At next Monday’s meeting, the two leaders are expected to discuss the CBMs.

Anastasiades also proposed that each side prepares a list of all aspects and of pinpointing where each feels there are
convergences, where the two sides are close to a convergence and where they have substantial differences.

Eroglu is said to have replied that he would think about it.

Anastasiades also urged that all sides should avoid a “blame game” approach in their public statements.

One thing Anastasiades and Eroglu agreed on was to jointly visit the forensic lab of the Committee on Missing Persons that has been identifying the remains of war victims from both communities.

“The leaders agreed to jointly visit the anthropological laboratory of the Committee on Missing Persons on a date to be agreed in the near future,” UN special representative Lisa Buttenheim said.

Elsewhere its was reported in the Greek Cypriot press that some possible confidence-building measures could include the opening of the Paphos Gate border crossing and the creation of a cross-border telephone communications system.

‘Kibris Postasi’ reports that Eroglu is adamant that EU primary law for the TRNC be instituted in a new equal-partnership state rather than having to fight in court should a treaty be broken.

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