Eroglu condemns attack on Talat meeting

President Eroglu has strongly condemned the attack which took place at a meeting being held in Limassol while ex-president Talat was speaking.

Members of an extreme right wing organisation burst through a side door in the hall and threw a flare which landed close to the US Ambassador who was rushed out of the hall by security staff.

Eroglu said that it was understood that there still remained certain sections of Greek Cypriot society who were hostile towards the Cyprus peace talks. He emphasised that those who were in favour of a solution and peace should stand against this kind of attack.

The president also mentioned that security staff had been negligent in their duties.

He added, however, that the Cyprus problem cannot be solved by violence and it can only be used as a tool to deepen mistrust between the two sides. Lessons should be learned from this incident, he said, adding that the Greek Cypriots needed to ensure that such an event did not re-occur and that he expected them to take the necessary steps to this end.

Greek Cypriot Government Spokesman Christos Stylianides said that the government condemned the attack in the strongest possible terms, noting that President Anastasiades was being kept informed.

He stressed that no one will be allowed to terrorise democracy and freedom of speech.

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