Eroglu maintains the status quo: Siber

Republican Turkish Party (CTP) presidential candidate Sibel Siber and former Turkish Cypriot President Mehmet Ali Talat have accused President Dervis Eroglu of not wanting a solution and of being a part of the status quo in Cyprus.

Siber, who was speaking during her election campaign in Kyrenia accused Eroglu of leading the country toward dangerous paths and said that it is CTP’s duty to prevent Eroglu from acting this way. She said that Eroglu’s defeat would end the current the status quo and noted that the winner of the election should be the will for a solution. She also stated that CTP has the experience in the form of Mehmet Ali Talat.

For his part Talat stated that the Turkish Cypriots need the solution in every aspect of their lives and said that Eroglu, despite saying that he would continue the negotiations from the point where they were left during Talat’s time as president, in reality had not followed this course.

Talat also said that if Eroglu was a pro-solution leader, President Nicos Anastasiades would not have left the negotiation table for whatever reason. He also said that the world does not criticise Anastasiades because “the world knows and sees” Eroglu’s intentions.

Source Yeni Duzen

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