Eroglu only tops poll for round 1 of presidential elections

According to a public opinion poll held by Gezici Research Company with the participation of three thousand persons living in the TRNC there will be no conclusive results in round one of the presidential elections to be held on 19th April.

The polling took place on 14-15th February including face to face interviews with a random stratified section of the public.

Results show that President Dervis Eroglu is top of the poll, but only marginally.

Dervis Eroglu 31.8%

Mustafa Akinci 31.7%

Sibel Siber 25.4%

Kudret Ozersay 11.1%

After the first round of voting Mustafa Akinci is expected to receive 62.8% and Dervis Eroglu only 37.2%.

When interviewed, 9% of respondents said that they would never vote for Eroglu because they feel that he has been unsuccessful as President. 29.7% said that they would never vote for Siber because she lacked political experience. 54.1% said that they would not vote for Ozersay because they did not know him.

Asked who would be the best candidate to solve the Cyprus problem, 38.5% said Mustafa Akinci, 25.5% said Dervis Eroglu, 23.8% Sibel Siber and 13.2% said Kudret Ozersay.

Participants in the survey were asked who they thought would be the best negotiator. The response was that Mustafa Akinci would be the best at 34.7%, Dervis Eroglu 25.9%, Sibel Siber 23.2% and Kudret Ozersay 16.2%. Asked which candidate would not be a good negotiator, the respondents said: Dervis Eroglu 45.3%, Sibel Siber31.4%, Kudret Ozersay 12.8% and Mustafa Akinci 10.4%.

Replying to a question regarding the bi-zonal, bi-communal federation, 73.8% of the participants in the survey said “yes” to this kind of solution, 15.6% said “no” and 10.6% “partly [agree]”.

Source Afrika

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